Rural-Urban Migrations and Urbanization-Migration Nexus

The project focuses on urbanization-migration nexus with the exploration of new socio-economic and political relationships generated through spatial mobility from rural to urban centres in Bangladesh; and how this migrant people, particularly working class migrant labourers, negotiate these relationships in new and unknown urban settings. In order to understand the urbanization-migration nexus, the project takes construction as a proxy since construction is one of the driving forces of urbanization being taken place in major cities in Bangladesh. Besides, it is one the major motivations of bringing migrants labourers in urban cities. Urbanisation and migration, therefore, are intimately linked as the process of urbanization creates scopes and hopes for better life that accelerates migrations on the one hand. Migration on the other hand is one of the major contributors to rapid urbanization and hence both are dialectically related to each other. However, it creates some challenges in the context of offering of good governance, providing basic human needs and managing urban services. Migration to urban centres also brings vision, establishment and financial solvency needed to build a future for the migrants themselves and for their children. It also contributes to rebuild rural-urban relations, which bring rural areas in touch with urban lives and modern notions of livings. The project finally intends to identify new and potential forces and forms supporting contemporary rural to urban migration in Bangladesh.

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