Ethnography is a “joint product”

Uddin published an article titled “Decolonising ethnography in the field: an anthropological account” in the International Journal of Social Research Methodology where he articulated a theoretical proposition as ethnography is a “joint product”. Uddin wrote, ‘Colonialism does not end with the withdrawal of colony from occupied territories but it exists across time. There is a constant dialogue between colonial domination and post-colonial transformation both in principle and practice. Doing ethnographic fieldwork therefore involves justifiable positioning of researcher in the interface between subjectivity and objectivity whilst ethnography itself is struggling with the question of representation in connection with the colonial tradition of imaging anthropological object as ‘uncivilised others’. There is an overdue need of decolonising ethnography since Malinowski’s field dairy was published. However, an ethnographer still encounters colonial ideology in the field in making meaning of ethnographic data. How does an ethnographer encounter colonial inheritance in the field? How does s/he position herself/himself in the context of ethnographer’s supremacy in object’s world?’[23]. All these questions could be answered if ethnography could become a “joint product” where the researcher and the people studied are equally reflected, represented with sensible position, and voiced reciprocally. Soon after the article was published, Uddin’s theoretical proposition ‘ethnography is a joint product’ received wider academic attention in social sciences particularly in Anthropology across the world. [copied from Wikipedia]

Theoretical Contributions

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